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In order to play our WadapRO,all user are needed to download the file below accordingly.

Renewal - Revamped Battle Machanics, and more!

Renewal is a comprehensive system-wide revamp of Ragnarok Online. Stats, Skills, EXP, Level limits, monster placement and other mechanics are all modified. Third Class jobs are also added, allowing players to break the Base Level limit of 99 in effect since the game's inception.

Introducing new race, Doram

You may already know how devastating is the offensive power of Doram race, but if you don't, you can try it on your own. Picky Peck can be easily used as the primary damaging skill against MvP using Earthworm Charms achieving even more than 200k per hit if wearing the right equipment and also doubles its damage when the target is below 50% of its HP. The damaging skills of physical Doram count as ranged damage, so ranged damage bonuses are priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of all common questions

  • Here are the download link special for WadapRO user Download Now

  • A: Try below method for resolve this issue
    1: You have a latest KRO
    2: You have a latest WadapRO Client
    3: Opensetup.exe inside your RO folder are configure nicely.(Make it standard graphic cuz ro doesnt need superb HD graphic)
    4: Resolution of your screen are about quite right depending to user usage.(My suggestion are 1024x768,why? Because you always can alt + tab)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at our Discord:

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